Tiger shark automatic pool cleaners arrive at deep end pools
7th April 2009


Tiger shark pool Cleaner Bucks

Tiger shark pool Cleaner Bucks


Today we saw the first batch delivery of our new tiger shark swimming pool automatic pool cleaner range.

The tiger shark first become of interest to us from a Service contract customer of ours in Buckinghamshire who purchased a tiger shark pool cleaner last year, the tiger shark has a couple of benefits over standard robotic swimming pool cleaners, firstly the casing is very robust the trolley for moving the cleaner around the swimming pool surround is well equipped for carrying the cable and power pack. Secondly the tiger shark uses filter cartridges instead of using traditional bag’s often found in the Star Vac and Dolphin swimming pool cleaners.

The tiger shark has all the characteristics of most good robotic swimming pool cleaners it will logically learn your swimming pool dimensions and adjust the running speed of the cleaner within the cleaner cycle period.

The benefit of the cartridge is simply the ease in which the cartridge can be washed, and removed. also if you’re feeling a little lazy you can stock in your swimming pool plant room 2 maybe 4 spare tiger shark filter and have you regular swimming pool maintenance guy clean the filters on the regular swimming pool service.

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Tiger Shark:

·         Work cycle 3 hours

·         Filters to 5 microns

·         Warrenty 2 years

·         Floating cord 18 meters

·         Cleans the wall and floors!

·         Replacement filter cartridges approx £70 per pair

with high grip foam pads for liners and tiled pools for rough surface old pools ask for gel pads.

Tiger Shark save time looking after your swimming pool now call 01494 671787

Tiger Shark save time looking after your swimming pool now 

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