Make your filter more – ECO
28th January 2010


Eco Glass Filter Media (EGFM) is the environmentally friendly filter media and a viable alternative to sand in your filter.

Made from glass that is recycled in the UK, it does not involve intrusive mining and the use of scarce resources.



There are lots of benefits to using Eco Glass Filter Media Such as:

·         Eco Glass Filter Media is more efficient than sand and can remove up to 30% more material and pollutants than normal sand

·         Eco Glass Filter Media is less dense than sand and so requires 15% less to fill an equivalent sized filter tank

·         Eco Glass Filter Media does not degrade or become porous so has a much longer life span and does not grab hold of those nasty bacteria’s in the same way as sand.

·         Eco Glass Filter Media will work in your current sand filter tank

·         Eco Glass Filter Media is available in 3 grades and suitable for residential and commercial applications.

·         70% Less backwashing is required


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