Loop Loc now a cheaper alternative with the 35% discount now available
28th October 2010

Winter debris covers for swimming pool are still the UK’s no1 choice for general winterising however many pools constructed some 20 years ago are showing signs of wear and tear on the winter debris covers, Winter Debris covers take an awful lot of abuse during the winter periods with buffering from the wind, rain and then come under tension from snow and ice!

So please be aware a frail old winter debris cover is exactly that ‘a debris cover’! They certainly cannot carry the weight of a person or even in some circumstances animals Loop Loc is now deemed as the now safe alternative in the market and now it has just become a whole lot cheaper with our 35% discount offering! For full details on what makes loop loc so very special and the market leader please take time to view the online shop

Loop Loc Winter Covers offer an alternative to Plastica, Certikin and Aquaflex Systems complete with the recognised safety standard in France.

Our Loop Loc installers covers Devon, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire.


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