Further water restrictions for Swimming Pool and Spa Owners.
12th December 2009

There have been big talks about shaking up the rules and regulations on water for swimming pools and spas during water shortages in 2010 and onwards.

This Bill was raised in the recent Queen’s Speech debates in both the House of Commons and House of Lords and is now due to go for a Second Reading in the House of Commons on 15 December.  


The Water Management part of this Bill is important to our industry because there are plans to extend the types of uses of water that can be restricted when there are water shortages and these include:

·         Filling domestic swimming pools and paddling pools, whether by hosepipe or by permanent plumbing

·         Filling domestic hot tubs and similar bathing facilities, whether by hosepipe or by permanent plumbing

 These types of water uses may be restricted under various options being proposed by the Government and their preferred option appears to be to enable the Secretary of State to extend, by Order, the range of non essential uses of water, water companies could impose under their own powers. 

 This may mean that the government may give water companies the power to enforce what you can and can’t use your water for in times of short supply.

We will keep you informed with the latest news.


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