Beaconsfield resumes full spa display stock as Hot tub Sales heat up!!!!
23rd September 2009

At the beginning of this year we choose to wind in stock control and offer a sampling of the marquis spa product showing the Reward Spa, however has the economy is now picking up and house prices are reported, to now be stabilising and in some cases, increasing the off shot of this is hot tub enquiries.

We have noticed a distinct increase in footfall for potential buyers so much so we have re-invested in more fabulous display spas from Marquis, Today we have taken delivery of the Marquis Mirage Spa and the Everyday spa the 545!

Now on the floor and offering 5 seats with 45 jets for £5995! It’s a sure winner and looks stunning on the floor under the lights!

so you can be assured not to be disappointed with a lack of spas on display as we have now resumed a full stock and we move on to the Back to school marquis spa sale!


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