Marbelite Pool Repairs


Do you have a Marbelite swimming pool in need of repair? Perhaps you have a cracked Marbelite pool, a concrete pool looking dull, or a faded or stained Marbelite pool? Perhaps you have a Marbelite swimming pool in need of complete renovation and refurbishment?



Marbelite is a highly decorative high-strength polymer cement coating which gives a finish looking similar to polished marble on the pool shell. It is trowelled on to the pool substrate, either new or old concrete, by very skilled craftsmen. Then, when it has hardened and cured, is then ground and polished back to a perfectly smooth finish. It dramatically transforms an ordinary plain concrete finished pool into a beautiful practical surface finish. Other styles of finish also available include natural stone, slate or tile effects.

Marbelite surface materials offer higher strength properties than conventional concrete and are more flexible and durable too. The Marbelite surface incorporates the durable Marbelite Polymer Bonding Resin, which is then sealed with high grade polyurethane and acrylic sealers to provide high abrasion resistance as well as making it easy to clean. Marbelite cement coatings offer an extremely attractive, durable and cost-effective surface finish, making it an ideal choice for both commercial and residential installations, and indoor or outdoor pools.

Other similar products on the market which are applied in a similar way and give a similar finish include Marbline and Pacelite.



Whether you’re having a new concrete pool built and finished in Marbelite, or you have an existing Marbelite pool a number of years old and in need of repair or refurbishment to some degree, it is a job for highly skilled and experienced professionals. The preparation of the pool shell substrate has to be impeccable, and the application on top has to be equally skilfully attended to, as does the final grinding off phase. Getting any part of the process wrong is not an option as the pool shell could leak, the newly applied Marbelite could lift and break up, or in worse case scenario, the pool shell could suffer serious structural damage, all of which are potentially very expensive and time-consuming to rectify. Therefore, any job which involves the repair or replacement of a Marbelite or similar type of coating, or the application of Marbelite to a new pool, is not a job to entrust to amateurs or the inexperienced.

Deep End Pools has many years’ experience working on existing and new build Marbelite swimming pool installations. Deep End Pools’ highly trained and experienced swimming pool technicians can transform your old cracked, stained, or damaged Marbelite pool to an as new condition with a new mosaic tile band and a pristine new Marbelite finish to the swimming pool’s shell.

As well as repairing or replacing a Marbelite type coating, Deep End Pools will also be able to discuss with you other options and their relative pros, cons, and cost implications to enable you to get the most from your swimming pool this summer.


To learn more about a new Marbelite swimming pool coating, or repair and refurbishment of an existing Marbelite pool, arrange a no-obligation meeting or site visit to discuss your needs and inspect your pool. Please call:

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