Indoor Pool Climate Control & Air Handling

What is indoor pool climate control and air handling, and why is it so important?

Whether you’re commissioning the building of a new indoor swimming pool at home or in a commercial application, or overhauling or refurbishing an existing indoor pool, controlling the quality of the environment within the pool hall is a critical issue in both cases. It constitutes a significant chunk of the plant-room equipment and accounts for  a proportionately large share of the investment you’ll make in the project as a whole too.

Why is correct indoor pool environmental control and air handling so critical? Correctly specified, installed, integrated, commissioned, and operating indoor pool air-handling plant units give pin-point control over the temperature and humidity in the pool hall, can bring in fresh air from outside when required, while ensuring that as much energy as possible is saved and/or recycled so as to keep running costs and carbon footprint to a bare minimum.

Get it right, and the pool hall will present a pleasant and hospitable atmosphere for people within it, condensation and damp patches will be prevented, and rapid changes in conditions – for example, an influx of additional bathers arriving at one time, splashing around and raising moisture levels rapidly in the pool hall – will be reacted to and dealt with equally rapidly. In addition, the fabric of the building will be protected from the damaging and potentially dangerous effects of poorly controlled humidity, the environment will be protected from the effects of wasteful energy consumption and heat losses, and your wallet will be protected from the effects of runaway running costs. Just to add to the mix, in the last ten years, indoor pools have been included in a number of  statutory requirements governing energy use and heat reclamation as part of various revisions to Building Regulations, and must now, therefore, also be legally compliant across a range of regulations.

Get indoor pool climate control and air handling wrong, and it could be disastrous. The pool hall could be hot, humid, stuffy, with strong pool chemical smells, and very uncomfortable and unpleasant for the occupants leading to them wanting to spend as little as time in there as possible. Changes to conditions might not be responded to quickly enough, if at all, exacerbating poor pool hall air quality further. Condensation and water pooling could be prevalent, presenting bather hazards and opportunities for bacteria to flourish. Excess humidity and dead-air pockets could damage the fabric of the building causing potentially dangerous deterioration which could be expensive to rectify. Heat losses could continue uncontrolled, causing running costs to run away similarly. And you may find your installation is not compliant with Building Regulations and falls-foul of the building inspector leading to more cost of rectification.

So, you can see that it is absolutely vital to contract the services of an expert and highly experienced pool building company, specialising in indoor pool construction. It is equally vital that that pool builder is partnered with designers and manufacturers of specialist indoor pool environmental control and air handling equipment who are recognised as fabricating the best, highest quality, and highest performing products in their field. That pool construction company and that indoor pool climate control equipment manufacturer is Deep End Pools installing equipment manufactured by Heatstar.


Deep End Pools & Heatstar. Market leaders in indoor swimming pool environmental control systems

Deep End Pools is proud to work exclusively with Heatstar to provide our clients with the absolute best in indoor pool climate control systems. For over three decades, Heatstar have been producing modern format packaged indoor pool environmental control units; longer than any other company, and were amongst the first to become involved in this highly specialist field.

Heatstar has manufactured and supplied over 10,000 systems throughout the UK and overseas, including for many high-profile names and prestigious locations. Heatstar only manufacture dedicated equipment for swimming pools and all products are designed and manufactured here in the UK. Deep End Pools has worked with Heatstar since the very beginning, and the joint application of both companies’ expertise uniquely benefits our clients in delivering them a seamless service and optimum product specification.


Application Advice – direct from the experts

All quotations, selections and proposals for Heatstar systems are provided by Deep End Pools working in conjunction with expert Heatstar staff at their factory. This is to ensure that there is no compromise in the quality of the information and support we provide at this crucial stage in any project.

The comprehensive information provided to our clients includes projections of consumptions of energy, fuel and even carbon emissions. Heatstar manufacture their products to be fully compliant with the latest building regulations and we are able to offer comprehensive advice in this area. At quotation, Deep End Pools and Heatstar will provide an assessment of the applicable building control regulation requirements and a compliance report for the proposed Heatstar system.

Heatstar’s unique application software fully supports the latest renewable energy initiatives and can also accommodate unusual heating water flow temperatures or system efficiencies relating to specific or unusual applications. We’re also able to advise on aspects such as air distribution ducting and all elements of the pool hall building structure to ensure a completely successful application.


Tailor-made flexibility

Heatstar’s entire manufacturing facility and systems have been designed from the outset to enable great flexibility in the orientation and configuration of each product; which is especially useful, for example, when we’re refurbishing the plant and equipment in an existing indoor pool. Heatstar indoor pool environmental control units can be manufactured with many different types of orientation (to match existing ducting, plant room layout etc) and to cater for particular requirements.

Not only do the units have different design orientations, but also the physical structure of the machine can be altered to a horizontal construction or built in sections if plant room space or access is limited. If there is no available plant room, then a unit can be weatherproofed using a protective insulated casing, ensuring the machine is able to cope with different climatic conditions.

Every unit Heatstar manufacture is tailored to the precise individual requirements of the application, avoiding the need to under or oversize performance aspects or tolerate inappropriate equipment room layout, as can be the case with ‘off the shelf’ products.


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