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In a fast changing energy market Deep End Pools and Heatstar continue to lead the way in design, engineering and innovation.


Energy Related Product Directive compliance (ErPD)
The European Union directive on ‘Energy Related Products’ (ErPD) now in force encompasses sweeping legislation which impacts upon ventilation and dehumidification product engineering, efficiency and performance rating, including indoor environmental pool control systems.

We believe that this mandatory legislation will have an immediate impact with some of the poorest efficiency products used by our competitors having to be extensively upgraded in order to meet the new minimum legal requirements.

By contrast, Heatstar products installed by Deep End Pools can state that our indoor pool climate control systems are so energy efficient that they not only meet but actually exceed the even more stringent regulations which came into force in 2015.


Building Regulations
Deep End Pools, working closely with Heatstar, ensure that you are advised at all stages in dealing with the energy implications of an indoor pool project resulting from the impact of the revised 2010 Building Regulations.

We provide expert help on some of the far ranging and significant implications contained in the revised Building Regulations of 2010. In particular Part L, which relates to the conservation of fuel and power and Part F, which lays down requirements for ventilation and air quality.

The new requirements include specific reference to indoor swimming pools within the general scope of the regulations and give guidance on how the energy demands of an indoor pool should now be considered.

Forming the core of Heatstar’s innovative product ranges installed by Deep End Pools are their ‘EC systems’, namely the Andromeda and Phoenix models, which have been designed to be fully compliant with the new regulations for both domestic and commercial pools. These systems feature Heatstar’s low energy, variable speed fan technology, whilst the Phoenix model also features a specially engineered and enlarged heat recuperator module. The capacity of this module has been increased by a factor of times four in comparison to the previous 1000-3000 Phoenix models and a factor of times five for the 4000-6000 in order to meet the standards set within the building regulations.


Energy Commissioning Plan
Deep End Pools are dedicated to helping our clients ensure hassle free compliance with these building regulations. At the quotation stage, we can provide clients with an assessment of the applicable building control regulation requirements and a compliance report for the proposed Heatstar system to be installed.

From the outset of the project, the builder is expected to prepare and supply Building Control with a formal ‘commissioning plan’. We will clearly highlight and confirm the Specific Fan Performance of the proposed Heatstar system.

On new projects Heatstar have updated thermal insulation value terminology to match the ‘K Values’ used within the new building control regulations. Also on new projects Heatstar’s complex heat load calculations are fully updated to make allowance for the benefit of the new thermal insulation requirement.

Upon commissioning, we generate a commissioning report in line with the format required under the new regulations.


Integration Of EC Fans
EC (‘electronically commutated’) fan technology, which has proved hugely successful in reducing project energy consumption in the Phoenix and Andromeda models, is also available throughout the larger product range. Both the Gemini and Taurus models feature this ‘low energy’ technology, which contributes significantly in making the Heatstar range conform to Part L of the 2010 Building Regulations.

This special fan features the latest EC technology. The super high efficiency motor directly coupled to a high efficiency ‘backward’ curved fan impeller enables the same quantity of air to be produced, but at much reduced motor power consumption.

EC fans automatically operate in a slow speed ‘eco-mode’, during periods when there is low demand for either air heating or dehumidification during unoccupied periods. The fan speed in both ‘eco-mode’ and normal mode is also completely adjustable and can be precisely adjusted for the characteristics of each individual application.


The Future….
These are exciting and challenging times for any business like ours involved in energy efficiency. Within the UK, we now have a very fast evolving energy market, driven by environmental and energy security concerns.

We can expect a wide range of future government incentives and schemes aimed at accelerating the uptake of renewable and sustainable energy solutions, but Deep End Pools and Heatstar will continue to work together at the cutting edge of this innovation to serve the needs of our clients into the future.


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