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Heatstar Pegasus 50 – 200

Premium Quality Designer Dehumidifier For home owners looking for cost effective dehumidification solutions for smaller residential indoor swimming pools, swim spas or hot tubs, Deep End Pools have supplied and installed many Heatstar Pegasus units to satisfy these needs. The Pegasus is a purpose-made premium quality dehumidifier, featuring an aesthetically attractive Art Deco designer look, […]

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Heatstar Phoenix EC. 1000 – 12000

Hybrid Heat Recovery Ventilation System Encompassing all the available energy saving technologies and fully compliant with the latest building control regulations for both residential and non-residential applications, the Heatstar Phoenix EC represents the optimum and uncompromised environmental control solution for some of Deep End Pools’ most prestigious and highest specification indoor swimming pools. Hybrid system […]

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Heatstar Andromeda EC. 1000 – 12000

Heatstar Andromeda complete environmental control system Deep End Pools have included Heatstar Andromeda complete climate control systems in the plant of many of our indoor pool projects. Centred upon a dehumidifying heat pump and utilising the latest ‘Blue-EC’ ultra efficient intelligent digital inverter fan technology, the Andromeda EC offers an assured solution for both effective […]

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Heatstar Design, Engineering, & Innovation

In a fast changing energy market Deep End Pools and Heatstar continue to lead the way in design, engineering and innovation.   Energy Related Product Directive compliance (ErPD) The European Union directive on ‘Energy Related Products’ (ErPD) now in force encompasses sweeping legislation which impacts upon ventilation and dehumidification product engineering, efficiency and performance rating, […]

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Indoor Pool Climate Control & Air Handling

What is indoor pool climate control and air handling, and why is it so important? Whether you’re commissioning the building of a new indoor swimming pool at home or in a commercial application, or overhauling or refurbishing an existing indoor pool, controlling the quality of the environment within the pool hall is a critical issue […]

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Swimming Pool Refurbishment

SWIMMING POOL REFURBISHMENT AND RENOVATION PROJECTS All swimming pools, no matter how well built, will at some time in the future require some kind of repair or renovation. From replacing a few loosened tiles, to regrouting the whole pool; cleaning a surround and copings, to replacing liners and changing filter sand, there are a myriad […]

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Swimming Pool Liners

SWIMMING POOL LINERS The liner pool is one of the most common methods of pool construction in the UK, as walls can be constructed in a variety of materials, shapes and configurations, and a liner provides not only a cost-effective finish, but is very soft and comfortable on the feet, acts as the water-retaining membrane […]

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Tile Band Repair & Replacement

TILE BAND REPAIRS Is your swimming pool suffering from loose tiles, a cracked tile band, or unsettled or loose coping stones? Does your swimming pool have a loose complete tile band? Repairing a swimming pool tile band is a skilled job, requiring specialist materials, experience and a great eye for detail. It is not something […]

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Marbelite Pool Repairs

MARBELITE POOL REPAIRS Do you have a Marbelite swimming pool in need of repair? Perhaps you have a cracked Marbelite pool, a concrete pool looking dull, or a faded or stained Marbelite pool? Perhaps you have a Marbelite swimming pool in need of complete renovation and refurbishment?   WHAT IS MARBELITE? Marbelite is a highly […]

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Replacement Plumbing & Pipework

SWIMMING POOL PLUMBING & PIPEWORK Does your pool suffer with leaking plumbing and pipework? Do you have cracked pipes? Is your swimming pool losing water and it’s not immediately obvious from where? Is your pool’s plumbing and pipework very old and in need of some attention? Whilst not normally an issue for a well looked […]

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Plant Room Overhaul, Repair & Refurbishment

SWIMMING POOL PLANT ROOM OVERHAUL The plant room is the nerve-centre and heart-beat of your swimming pool. If anything goes wrong in the plant room it often brings the whole pool operation to a standstill and can cause knock-on effects in other items of equipment. In a new pool, you’re extremely unlikely to get any […]

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Swimming Pool Surrounds

SWIMMING POOL SURROUNDS Is your swimming pool’s surround looking a little tired and a bit worse for wear? Is your poolside patio dirty and stained? Do your surround coping stones need some TLC, or replacement? Does your entire pool surround need complete refurbishment? Your pool surround is a very important part of your swimming pool […]

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