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The swimming pool pump is the very heart of your pool’s system. It brings water from both the surface and deepest parts of your pool into your plant room where it is filtered, heated and treated before it is returned to the pool to help keep your pool water sparkling clear, warm, inviting, and hygienically clean.

If your pump is not operating to its maximum efficiency, or, worse, fails completely, every other system also grinds to a shuddering halt and pool water quality and safety starts to deteriorate rapidly. It is therefore extremely important your pump is in peak condition and working to maximum efficiency.

With age or neglect pumps can become noisy, inefficient, blocked or damaged. In many cases this necessitates the pump being completely replaced. However, more often than not, the pump can be revitalised with a service or a simple repair, where more cost-effective. Deep End Pools’ highly skilled and expert pump technicians have a wealth of experience in this field, bringing back to life….

  • Damaged swimming pool pumps.
  • Failed swimming pool pumps.
  • Leaking swimming pool pumps.
  • Noisy swimming pool pumps.
  • Overheating swimming pool pumps.

Deep End Pools’ own in house engineers are extremely skilled and adept at working on any make or model swimming pool pump to check it for faults and damage, and rectifying any issues before you go to the greater expense of buying a new swimming pool pump.

Deep End Pools swimming pool pump repairs are charged at an hourly rate, plus parts. We hold common spares for the most popular pumps in stock. Some parts are special order and, in these instances, repairs can take a little time to diagnose the fault, order the parts in, and repair the pumps. However, where we don’t have a spare on the shelf ourselves, the spares for are normally nearly always in stock with our suppliers.

With older swimming pool pumps, it can sometimes take a little longer to get the spares for although we find that almost every spare part is available for the vast majority of pool pumps from our range of specialist swimming pool pump spares suppliers.

To learn more about our swimming pool pump repair services, to get a quote, or to book in a date and time to have your pump repaired, please call:

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Deep End Pools, Devon, for South West enquiries on 01392 247466

Or email us at info@deependpools.co.uk, or click here to fill out our online contact form and we’ll get right back in touch with you.

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