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If your swimming pool is starting to suffer more often from cloudiness and poor clarity; if it has a tendency to turn green with algae more often; if water circulation is poor; or if you’re using excessive chlorine, these and any combination of them are symptomatic of the filter’s media sand needing replacement.

A sand filter is filled with a specialist filter sand which traps debris in the minuscule gaps which are created between the jagged edges of individual grains. Over time and successive cycles of filtration and backwashing, the sand eventually wears out and becomes plugged with deposits which can longer respond to chemical treatment and backwashing, which is why water quality noticeably deteriorates as the sand comes to the end of its useful life. NB: ONLY specialist filter sand should ever be used in a swimming pool sand filter. Other types of readily available sand are completely unsuitable and should NEVER be used.

To maintain optimum water clarity Deep End Pools recommends that your swimming pool’s filter has a sand change at least every 4 years, or sooner if maintaining water quality deteriorates. This will ensure you continually benefit from sparkling clear water and the peace of mind of a safe an hygienic environment for you and your loved ones to bathe in.

Deep End Pools’ trained and experienced pool technicians, will come to your premises and professionally and safely carry out a full sand filter media change which we guarantee to improve your swimming pool’s water quality and return it to its clean, crystal clear best.

If you’re moving to a new home which has a swimming pool, we would recommend that the sand media is changed upon moving in and commissioning the pool. The sand filter is, in effect, the ‘refuse collector’ of your pool, where all the dirt and bacteria from the pool water is removed and retained. So, don’t delay in having Deep End Pools change your filter sand.

One of our highly experienced expert technicians will carry out the following procedures when carrying out a filter sand change visit.

  • Emptying the filter tank of all the old contaminated, spent media.
  • Thoroughly cleaning out the tank.
  • Inspecting the filter laterals, and replacing any broken ones.
  • Inspecting the multiport valve and checking its correct operation.
  • Inspecting all ‘o’ rings and seals and replacing as necessary.
  • Refilling the tank with new, clean, fresh sand media to manufacturers recommendation.
  • Recommissioning the filtration system and verifying all functions.

Deep End Pools have decades combined experienced working on all common sand filter makes and models, including: Triton sand filter, Tagelus sand filter, Atika sand filter, Vision sand filter, Astral sand filters, Hayward sand filter, Hydroswim sand filters, Lacron sand filters, Waterco sand filters, 3D sand filter, Blue Ripple sand filters, Starite sand filters, and many others.

The service is highly popular during the summer season as it cures most swimming pool clarity issues which come to light during its peak usage period.

Please note that Deep End Pools are also hugely experienced in carrying out commercial sand and filtration media changes in holiday homes and hotels across Devon.


To learn more about our sand filter change services, to get a quote, or to book in a date and time to have your filter sand changed, please call:

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