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WINTERISATION Most outdoor pool owners choose to close their swimming pools down over the Autumn and Winter period, and put it into a dormant state with the water treated appropriately to keep it protected and in optimum condition until it is reopened in the Spring. It is extremely important that this ‘winterisation’ process is carried […]

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Weekly Pool Service

WEEKLY MAINTENANCE A swimming pools is a complex and interdependent system of items of electro-mechanical and electronic equipment, water-retaining structure(s), and fluid-handling and water treatment plant. Heated and/or indoor swimming pools have more systems and equipment integrated than outdoor and unheated installations. As with any such similar complex systems, in order to maximise the performance, […]

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Fortnightly Pool Service

FORTNIGHTLY POOL SERVICE Deep End Pools’ fortnightly swimming pool service visits or bi-weekly swimming pool service visits are designed to cater to the same needs as our renowned weekly service visit, but geared towards owners of indoor pools. This is the ideal pool service contract for you if you own an indoor pool with fair […]

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Monthly Pool Service

MONTHLY POOL SERVICE Deep End Pools monthly swimming pool service contracts are ideal for all swimming pool owners who like DIY, and are the perfect combination of regular on-going maintenance by the pool owner or pool owner’s employee/staff, supported by regular Deep End Pools’ expertise, experience and input. Deep End Pools will support you with […]

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Holiday Pool Service

HOLIDAY POOL SERVICE Do you worry about the condition of your swimming pool when you’re on holiday or away from home for other extended periods of time? Are you concerned it may develop an algae problem and turn green in your absence? Are you unhappy about leaving the pool in the care of a friend […]

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Leak Detection

WHAT DO YOU DO IF YOU SUSPECT YOUR SWIMMING POOL IS LEAKING, OR YOU KNOW IT’S LOSING WATER? If you suspect your swimming pool is losing water, or you’re having to top it up excessively, it may well have sprung a leak somewhere in or around the pool shell, the underground pipework, in the equipment in […]

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Pool Filter Sand Change

SWIMMING POOL FILTER SAND CHANGE If your swimming pool is starting to suffer more often from cloudiness and poor clarity; if it has a tendency to turn green with algae more often; if water circulation is poor; or if you’re using excessive chlorine, these and any combination of them are symptomatic of the filter’s media […]

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Estate Agent Pool Report

Deep End Pools are highly experienced in carrying out the following services for estate agents and letting agents working on behalf of their clients. Swimming pool condition surveys for potential buyers. Swimming pool inspections. Swimming pool servicing in empty properties. Pool servicing on behalf of estate agents and letting agents. Pool maintenance and repairs on […]

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Pool Heating Service

Maintaining a swimming pool heating system is a highly important sphere of swimming pool servicing, and vital that attention is paid to it to ensure your system is functioning at peak performance, maximising the transfer of heat and minimising running costs. Not only are pool heating systems and their fuels subject to statutory regulation in […]

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Pool Pump Repair

Deep End Pools in house engineers can work on any swimming pool pumps to check for faults and damage before buying a new swimming pool pump.
Deep End Pools can give you a total swimming pool filter media change that will be guaranteed to improve your swimming pools water quality.

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Pool Insurance Works

Deep End Pools have many years experience in swimming pool emergency works and insurance repair works.
Deep End Pools can guarantee to get your pool in the quickest possible time in a swimming pool emergency. Once on site Deep End Pools can assess the situation and isolate any immediate problems to minimise any further damage.

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