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With environmental pressures to construct using greener methods and materials, and the increased desire to save energy and ensure running costs are kept low, the Heatwave panel pool system locks in the heat. The Heatwave pool system has all the benefits of a panel pool system; speed of build and project turnaround time, combined with increased heat retention properties and lower running costs. The panels of the Heatwave swimming pool system interlock with one another forming an extremely strong pool structure. The preferred method of finish with a Heatwave panel pool kit is a vinyl liner.

The Endless Summer Heatwave Pool system offers huge savings in running costs with its unique system of heat retaining panels that are specifically designed to reduce construction costs at the same time.



Endless Summer Heatwave Pools are designed to help reduce construction time with an ingenious interlocking panelled wall system that allows for a speedy construction process, compared with other types of pool construction methods. The panels are manufactured in polyurethane which has excellent insulation properties, combined with a design that allows for a smaller excavation which, in-turn, means less dig, less spoil removal, less back-fill and less making good around the excavation.

All panels are pre-plumbed with Certikin flow fittings, and a vinyl liner in your choice of colour or pattern is supplied to finish off the pool structure. This system is suitable for both indoor or outdoor pools, and in domestic or commercial applications.



There are two models in the Heatwave range – the Standard and the Deluxe. The Standard panel (illustrated) features a 75mm thick panel that offers energy savings at an economical buying price. It has a U Value of 0.30.

The Deluxe version (shown in the illustration) features a 125mm thick panel, and is the ultimate in heat retention, offering the highest U values (0.18) of any pool on the market. The patented thermally insulated panels are designed to trap heat in the pool and keep surrounding cold out. By restricting the loss of heat through the walls, the panels act as a thermal break – keeping more heat in and preventing the colder ground outside the pool extracting heat from the pool water, resulting in dramatic energy savings and sustained warm water.



The greatest benefit of a Heatwave pool system is the huge saving that you will make on running costs when the pool is operational, compared with other pool construction methods. Heatwave panel systems have become the industry standard for indoor liner pool construction. Deep End Pools have installed many Heatwave pools and offer of a wealth of experience and knowledge using this unique pool building system.

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