Sell Your Swimming Pool Business


There are many reasons why you may consider selling your swimming pool business; usually when a company principal is looking to retire and wishes to realise some value from the business and goodwill built up over the years. Or, perhaps, you have taken the business so far and are unsure of the next moves to generate further growth? Deep End Pools have been in the pool business long enough to know what makes a pool business really tick. We also know that the owners of pool and hot tub businesses often discuss the possibility of selling their business as a going concern at some point. So, have you ever thought of selling your swimming pool or hot tub business?



Deep End Pools have been involved in a number of acquisitions and mergers since our very beginning with the ‘Pool Centre’ of Beaconsfield in 2003. This once under-achieving swimming pool business in the heart of Buckinghamshire was, shall we say, a ‘bit of a non starter’. This is not an unusual situation in the UK swimming pool trade, with difficult trading conditions, competition, pressure on pricing, a lack  of marketing knowledge and experience, limited access to a workforce with the requisite skills, and a lack of cash-flow for investment in growth. We have since turned The Pool Centre round to be one of the most profitable businesses in the market, with impressive year on year growth.

Deep End Pools have also arranged mergers with high performers within the industry, and some businesses which, unfortunately, went into liquidation – not a happy situation for those involved, but a positive outcome achieved when brought into the Deep End Pools fold.

In short, we have seen a number of opportunities in recent years, some of which were not a fit for our business and culture, but many which were. However, we are happy to discuss, in the strictest confidence, any potential swimming pool or hot tub business sale opportunity.

Deep End Pools has ambitious expansion plans. The last five years have seen the strongest growth since the company started, all the more impressive when you consider this was against the backdrop of extremely difficult times for the UK pool and spa industry, and the worse conditions in the wider economy since the 1930s. With an improving economy, now might be a good time to realise some value from your swimming pool business? So, if you are considering selling your swimming pool or hot tub business, why not contact Deep End Pools?

Please register your interest, in the strictest confidence by emailing director Robert Coombs at



As many of the potential sales we’ve been involved with across the UK have resulted in no agreement being reached, and, therefore, no acquisition being made, it is in the best interests of both parties to enter into a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. This ensures the confidentially and commercial sensitivities of both businesses are maintained throughout, and gives you the confidence and peace of mind to open discussions with us.



To keep things really simple, we have only two rules when entering into discussions for a potential acquisition:

  • No lies
  • No surprises.

The agreement will take care of the rest.



Here are a few examples to demonstrate our experience in successfully negotiating the acquisition and merger of swimming pool and hot tub businesses throughout the UK.

2003: The Pool Centre, Beaconsfield.
A disused pool shop originally owned by Steve Bowden of Bucks Pools Beaconsfield, then sold on to Clearwater PLC of Guildford.

2008: Pool Plus, Taplow.
Pool shop closed by original occupants due to downsizing. Deep End Pools acquired the site on the main A4 in Taplow, Berkshire, and re-launched under the Deep End Pools brand.

 2010: Merger with Aspects Pools, Iver.
To complement two very different sales sectors and strategies, combine expertises, and further grow the brand.

2010: Evolution Pools, Devon.
The successful purchase of Evolution Pools in Devon from administrators.

2010: James White Swimming Pools, Theale.
One of the oldest and most respected retail, construction and service companies in the country, the successful purchase of James White Swimming Pools from administrators after getting into financial difficulties.

2010: Pool Chemicals Online.
To further expand our online presence and chemical sales, again from administration.

2014: Devon Pool & Spa Company site, Ivybridge.
Following a wish to downsize on the part of  the Devon Pool & Spa Company, Deep End Pools successfully negotiated taking over the site in Ivybridge, Devon as part of our strategic plans to expand in the west country.

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