Know your liner thickness!
20th May 2009

We have had a lot of confusion between different liners offered by different people.

We know that everybody likes to compare prices but make sure you are comparing like for like.

By this I mean compairing a product of equal pattern and thickness.

To clear up once and for all here is the difference between the 2 liners we use.

0.0005″ or 20 thou or 20 gauge or 0.5mm is normally the cheaper liner ans be aware that you can get your pool lined cheaper this way but over time it will not last as long.

0.00075″ or 30 thou or 30 gauge or 0.75mm is what we at Deep End Pools fit as standard. This is 50% thicker than a 20 thou liner and so in turn should be 50% stronger.

Be sure you know you are getting the very best liner for your pool!

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