MP’s Expenses – Seems you can claim swimming pool expenses!
9th May 2009

9th May 2009

No one can say they have missed the latest up roar in the papers – MP expenditure claims.

But we payed closest attention to one in particular:

‘one Tory grandee charged £98.63 for a service on his swimming pool boiler at his country home’.

Alright for some!

Here is what a panel of panel of remuneration and ethics experts had to say:

Professor James Connelly, director of the Institute of Applied Ethics at Hull University;

No. He should swim in cold water.

Lady (Mary) Warnock, ethicist;

No. I don’t think a swimming pool can be counted as a necessity.

Justine Woolf, senior consultant at Innecto reward consulting, which advises firms on their remuneration strategies;

 No. It’s one thing for an employer to pay the heat and light of the house, another entirely for a swimming pool.


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