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Pool Filter Sand Change

Pool Filter Sand Change

Bad water clarity? Green Swimming Pool? Bad Swimming Pool Circulation? Swimming Pool Using excessive chlorine? Any combination of the above problems can more than likely traced back to the swimming pool sand filter.

Deep End Pools recommend swimming pool sand changes every 4 years to ensure the best of water clarity and hygiene within the swimming pool.

Deep End Pools can give you a total swimming pool filter media change that will be guaranteed to improve your swimming pools water quality.

Swimming Pool Filter Sand Changes are normally undertaken every 4 years or when new to a property. The sand filter is the 'rubbish bin' of your swimming pool. This is where all the dirt and bacteria from the swimming pool is removed. That is why we recommend you do not delay in having a filter sand change by Deep End Pools.

Filter Sand Change A normal service will involve:

  • emptying the sand filter of all media
  • cleaning out the tank
  • inspecting laterals
  • inspecting multiport valve
  • inspecting 'o' rings
  • refilling tank
  • commissioning the filtration system

We work on all popular sand filters including: Triton Sand Filter, Tagelus Sand Filter, Atika Sand Filter, Vision Sand Filter, Astral Sand Filters, Hydroswim Sand Filters, Lacron Sand Filters, Waterco Sand Filters,
The service is very popular during the summer season as it cures most swimming pool clarity issues.

For more information and to book a swimming pool filter sand change call or email us at

Deep End Pools carry out Commercial Sand and filtration media changes in Holiday homes hotels across Devon.