Just £4,895

Stretch out in the full bodied lounger & then move on to the extra wide deep soak seats for alternate upper & then lower back massages.
Wherever you ache, from your feet to your neck the Dartmoor soothes, but it goes beyond the body, it also quietens a busy mind too!


Colour Splash LED Lighting

Bright, vibrant digital colours and sequences are delivered through the patented Blast™ Multi-mode, colour change LED lighting.
Whatever your mood desires; change the colour, select & hold a colour, perhaps you prefer to let the colours cycle on their own?


Ozone Injection

Environmentally friendly Ozone, a natural sanitiser, will help in providing a better soaking atmosphere in your spa water by cutting down on the amount of chemicals you need to add.


CoverAll™ Sealed Base

By sealing the base with tough, high strength plastic your hot tub is able to resist water, pest & vermin ingress ensuring the foundation of the hot tub remains strong.


Made in the USA

Saratoga Spas are handcrafted in upstate New York, USA using only the best materials to ensure reliability, performance and comfort.


Width: 1.70m
Length: 2.03m
Height: 0.74m
Water Capacity: 909 Litres
Power: 230V/16A



Therapy Lounger
Low Maintenance
Tri Layer Spa Shell
Duo Therm Insulation
7/3/2 Warranty


Top loading Microban Filtration
Reflexology Footwell
Footwell Spa Drain
Cover All Sealed Base
Colour Splash LED Lighting
1 Dual Speed Jet Pump
Ozone Generator
24 Total Jets
13 AMP Plug and Play Available

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