Once in a Blue Moon

Make sure not to miss the Blue Moon phenomenon this Friday, from the comfort of your Hot Tub.


Contrary to popular belief Blue Moon does not mean the Earth’s natural satellite will turn a different colour but that two full moons will appear in the sky during one calendar month.

The first full moon was spotted on July 1 and the second will appear on the last day of the month.  Fridays weather should be fairly clear however cloud may hinder viewing it according to current weather predictions.

The rare sight last appeared on August 31, 2012 and will not be seen again until January 2018.




Hot Tub Delight – Northern Lights Tonight!

Scientists are optimistic of another rare glimpse of the Northern Lights tonight, as the epic solar storm continues over British shores.

The incredible natural wonder, officially known as the Aurora Borealis, is not typically an experience Britain is used to enjoying. Instead, people head to Northern Scandinavia and Iceland to witness the light show. northern-lights


For the best chance of decent sightings you’ll need clear, dark skies and a clear view north, says Jonny Cooper, director of the tour operator Off the Map Travel.

“It’s a good idea to look on a map and travel to an elevated location with an uninterrupted view to the north, with as little light pollution possible,” he added.

Hot Tub Lunar treat tonight, 2nd June

All Hot tubing star gazers prepare for a great night of hot tub astronomy as we prepare for tonight’s Full Rose Moon.

Tonights full moon should be a real treat

Tonights full moon should be a real treat

The sky in June 2015 will offer some interesting sights, during Full Moon, New Moon and the rare conjunction of Jupiter and Venus. The sixth month of the year will also host the first solstice of this year.

A full moon is the lunar phase that occurs when the Moon is completely illuminated as seen from the Earth. This occurs when the moon is in opposition to the Sun.

The Full Moon will take place on tonight,  2nd June 2015. During this event, the moon will be positioned exactly opposite to the Earth.

This Full Moon is also known as Full Strawberry Moon, Full Rose Moon and Full Honey Moon.

If you love astronomy but don’t have a hot tub pop in to your local Deep End Pools store to get your Hot Tub installed ready for the June Solstice.

Hot Tubs get seal of approval from Alan Titchmarsh

BBC Ground Force star Alan Titchmarsh has admitted to being an advocate of garden hot tub, despite their common misconceptions and associations.


Titchmarsh purchased a new house which already had a hot tub installed in the garden, he and his wife tried it out “for a giggle” and were immediate Hot Tub converts.

“Gone are the days when they were seen only as a facility for fostering dodgy relationships on The Only Way is Essex” he wrote in the Telegraph Gardening supplement.

Titchmarsh confessed to “initially being a bit sniffy about them. But they sit, great vats of turquoise water, with fancy jets that squirt hither and yon, waterfalls and coloured lighting, even music blaring from waterproof speakers if that is your predilection.

“And then we bought a house on the Isle of Wight that had one installed in the garden.”

Titchmarsh now admits to one of his favourite ways to relax being sat in his hot tub gazing over the solent from his Isle of Wight home.

“At six-o-clock in the evening we slid beneath the warm and foaming waters, glass in hand, to watch the yachts glide by,” he said.

“Our prejudices, for some strange reason, were simply washed away.”

Deep End Pools have selection of hot tubs that would work in any one of Ground Forces projects from small court yard hot tubs to large family hot tubs.

Come into Deep End Pools Ivybridge, Filham Moor Industrial Estate, Ivybridge, PL21 0BE.

Please call 01752 698364 or email info@deependpools.co.uk for more details or information.



One of the most common pastimes enjoyed in a hot tub, and one we commonly hear our customers tell us is a great benefit of hot tub ownership, is the ability to stargaze – cloud cover permitting – all year round whilst enjoying the warm soothing waters. From watching the annual round of meteor showers, to harvest moons, and watching the transit of the International Space Station, a hot tub affords a unique and extremely comfortable and sociable venue to gaze upon the heavens.

The morning of Friday 20th March 2015 sees the country plunged into near darkness for the first time in sixteen years as a major solar eclipse occurs. Depending on where you are in the country, anything between 85% to 95% of the Sun’s visible surface will be obscured as the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. The moon begins its transit across the sun at around 8.45am, with  the peak of totality (i.e. when most of the sun will be obscured) between 9.25am and 9.35am. By 10.45am it will be all over bar the shouting! If the morning is a very clear and sunny one, it will have the effect of drastically reducing the amount of light reaching us here in the UK.

For a quick, 90 second in fact, guide to everything you wanted to know about the solar eclipse, click on this handy guide and video prepared by the BBC:

BBC Video Guide

If you are intending on watching the eclipse from your hot tub, ensure you follow all the safety guidelines for observing the sun. Only look at the sun through special CE marked filters that a produced for the purpose. Never look directly at the sun with the naked eye, and never ever look at it through a telescope or binoculars.

If you’re having a hot tub eclipse party or get-together, why not send us your pictures? Of course, if you have yet to acquire your dream hot tub, worry not, for this is something we can rectify for you faster than you can say Professor Brian Cox (well, almost!) by clicking here. Enjoy it, because the next total solar eclipse in the UK won’t be until 2090!


Never look directly at the Sun – you may damage your eyes forever!



We were interested, not to mention somewhat disturbed, to read this recent article in The Daily Mail, rather chillingly headlined “Beware Falling Hot Tubs!”, and with a sub-heading telling buyers that they need to allow an extra £1,600 on top of the buying price of their chosen hot tub in order to cover the cost of craning it into place! This would be a horrifying prospect for most prospective spa owners as it represents a massive additional expenditure on top of the rest of their outlay, and would put off a great many buyers. The article was taken from a press release issued by a company called Crane Hire UK. Crane Hire UK are a nationwide company which hires out cranes to both business and private customers for a wide range of lifting applications. The original ‘news’ item which appears on Crane Hire UK’s website goes even further with the scaremongering with the headline “Householders risk jail time when buying a hot tub”.

Needless to say, we investigated the article and found that, whilst the premise of the article was a sound one – to make consumers aware of the potential pitfalls of dealing with unscrupulous contractors – the article was sensationalised to promote the services Crane Hire UK offer (which are also offered by a great many other companies in the UK, not exclusively by Crane Hire UK), and, regrettably, included a number of important inaccuracies. In the interests of redressing the editorial balance that the Daily Mail failed to exercise, here are our corrections of the inaccuracies in the article, and our guide to safe (and cost-effective!) crane hire.

First of all, it should be noted that here at Deep End Pools we have over 20 years experience in selling and installing hot tubs, with thousands of successful and problem free installations throughout the south of England. Some of those installations had to be completed using a crane, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to hot tubs and cranes.

First of all here are corrections to the inaccuracies.

‘All installations require the use of a crane’ – it is implied (though not stated explicitly) throughout the article that all but a minority of the very easiest hot tub installations require the use of a crane in order to get the spa in place and installed. This is just not true. The majority of professional hot tub retailers in the country have access to a number of specialist tools and equipment which allow them to effect delivery and installation in the vast majority of projects without the use of a crane. In fact, looking back at our records we find that less than 5% of installations required the services of a crane. Cranes are only used as an absolute last resort when all other delivery methods have been ruled out. This is an incredibly important point to correct because, if a crane is required, it does add additional expenditure to your hot tub project. But you can see from the actual statistics that the probability of a spa buyer needing to incur this extra expense is, in reality, very small.

‘A botched crane lift can lead to property damage, injury or even death’ – again, it is implied in the article that these types of potentially disastrous accidents involving cranes delivering hot tubs are a regular occurrence, and clearly designed to scaremonger potential buyers. However, the only evidence cited to support this implication is a YouTube video of the attempted delivery of a swimspa (a prefabricated combined swimming pool and hot tub, built into one unit) in the USA.

Doing our own research, we can find only one recorded incident involving a crane delivering a hot tub in the UK, which took place in 2005 in the north east. Ironically, the crane company involved in this delivery was of the reputable, professional variety doing a contract lift, which the article tells potential buyers they should always look for. The accident was later found to have been caused by a leaking water-main which had washed away much of the subsoil under the road and pavement, and could not have been foreseen by either the crane company or the hot tub retailer. Given the hundreds of thousands of hot tubs which have been sold in the UK since they became popular in the 1990s, one incident here hardly constitutes a significant frequency.

‘With a typical spa weighing up to 1.5 tonnes…’ – An uninformed buyer will read this and, knowing that a weight of that magnitude could not possibly be handled and moved manually, will automatically determine that they’ll require a crane. In fact, a typical empty spa is in the 300kg to 500kg weight range, and, unless access to the site of installation is incredibly restricted, can in the vast majority of cases be delivered and installed without requiring a crane.

Some of the largest swimspas on the market can weigh up to 1.5 tonnes, and these do require crane delivery more frequently than hot tubs, but this is usually due to their much larger and more cumbersome size than weight.

Buyers aren’t aware they need to budget at least an extra £1,600…’ - by stating ‘at least an extra £1,600′, this implies that, in the event a crane company is actually required, that the minimum a hot tub buyer should budget is £1,600. In our experience, even with a contract lift, this would constitute a figure at the upper end of the scale. That said, the actual cost would vary depending on a number of factors including where in the country you live, the size and weight of your spa, the length and height of the reach required, the size of crane you’ll need to carry out your lift, whether or not a road closure is required, whether or not overhead obstructions (i.e. telephone cables) need removing temporarily and replacing, and other besides.

Overall, we feel this article is poorly researched, smacks of being an advertorial for the crane hire company featured in the piece, and is potentially damaging to our industry as it could well put off prospective buyers who take it at face value. That said, it is refreshing to see in the comments section at the end of the online version of the article, most members of the public who have responded have commented that it sounds like an advert for the crane industry.

What are your options if you do require a crane lift?

Having addressed the inaccuracies in the piece and, hopefully, put your mind a little more at rest, here are you choices if there is no other way to get your hot tub in and you do need a crane. Most professional and reputable crane hire companies offer two levels of service to prospective customers.

Crane Hire

This is where you are literally hiring a crane, and is the significantly lower cost of the two options on offer. The crane turns up on site with its driver/operator and he or she does what has been previously discussed, based on information you have provided over the phone or in an email. You are responsible for surveying the site beforehand, ensuring the crane hired will be suitable for the job in hand, preparing all method statements and risk assessments, providing sufficient trained staff to act as banksmen for the driver, and insuring all necessary insurances are in place, as they will be liable if anything goes awry.

Crane hire is typically the preferred route of organisations like main contractors on property developments, for lifting roof trusses and other bulky or heavy items into otherwise inaccessible locations on site. The main contractor will already have the requisite insurances, method statements, risk assessments and trained members of staff already in place, and will therefore not wish to duplicate costs and manpower already covered, and will hire a crane service at the lowest price they can attain.

Contract Lift.

Contract lift comes at a significantly higher cost than crane hire. However, the crane company essentially does all the work required before and during the lift, and covers all the liabilities. They will send a representative to visit you on site beforehand, they will recommend the size of crane needed based on the spa you’re buying, they will deal with any other issues which need to be overcome in order to effect delivery, they will provide as many members of trained and experienced staff required on the day of the lift to ensure it all goes smoothly, and they will put in place all the required insurances, method statements and risk assessments required to comply with health and safety legislation. If anything goes wrong during the lift, the liabilities lie with the crane company.

Needless to say, we would always recommend a contract lift, even give the higher cost; and we would equally strongly recommend that you do not under any circumstances opt for crane hire. When researching crane hire companies, always check that they have CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) blue card carrying personnel, and ask for documentary evidence of insurances and H&S compliance etc. (NB: a reputable company may volunteer these details without you having to request them as part of their quotation process). If a company cannot provide these details, or they tell you that they only offer the equivalent of a crane hire level of service, we strongly recommend that you walk away.

If you read this Daily Mail feature and it did raise concerns for you, we hope it has gone some way to allaying your fears and setting the record straight. If you need any further information on any other aspect of hot tub ownership, please get in touch with us and we’ll be delighted to help you.

Saratoga Hot Tub Installation – South Brent

First hot tub installation of 2015 was a nice access one in Wrangaton, South Brent, Devon.

We like to start the year as we mean to go on and as such we start with one of the largest units that we sell – The Luxury Line Empire.

The Empire draws inspiration from its homeland; New York. From its supersized, no float lounger to the deep Adirondack full therapy seat, everything is catered for, nothing is squeezed in…

Catering for six in supreme luxury, everyone is lavishly massaged by one of the three hydrotherapy pumps and the seven patented therapy systems available;
Imagine the scrolling massaging power of the Roto Stream® sweeping up & down the back as it delves deep into your core to unwind & relax the tightest of muscles. Perhaps you’d benefit from the Passive Impact™ jets in the lounger that don’t blast the back of your legs & tip you underwater – but instead drive a steady ribbon of water along your body to soothe you like no other.

Like all the models in the Luxury line, the Empire boasts the Continuous Purity Circulation™ high flow circulation pump. Filtering at high rates ensures inviting, sparkling water & every-drop of it filtered 95 times a day!

With deep seats, high seats, low seats, wide lounger; The Empire never sleeps, it is always ready, all of the time…

The Saratoga Empire was for Jim Burn and family who have had a hot tub in mind for some time and had a great oversized base and power supply in place ready for the Saratoga Luxury Line Empire.



We used our Spa Dolly to get across the flat lawns and then lowered the Saratoga Luxury Line Hot Tub onto the base to allow us to commission.









Here you see the Laminar Jets and the RelaxStream Waterfall in full action.




A Covermate 3 Hydraulic Lifter was installed as the Hot Tub is one of the larger 8′ units and the Hydraulic lifter can really make opening the cover very simple.


A matching Ash step is installed to allow for easy non slip access to the hot tub.  For easy of maintenance the equipment bay is located to the front of the hot tub for future servicing and drain downs.

Deep End Pools are Plymouth and the South Hams number one choice for Hot Tubs for more details or information please call or visit – Deep End Pools, Unit 1a Stowford Business Park, Ivybridge, PL21 0BE – 01752 698 364





Swimming Pool ‘s and Hot tub ‘s @ Grand Designs Live London Excel 2014


Swimming Pool Design from Deep End Pools London

Swimming Pool Design from Deep End Pools London

Grand Designs Live hosted at the London Excel Centre 2014 is well under way, footfall is expected to be considerably more this year with the growth in the economy and confidence well and truly back within the housing market.

So who is attending Grand Designs Live this year? Well at Deep End Pools we’re very pleased to announce our industry body SPATA (Swimming Pool Allied Trades Association) have a booth at the Grand Designs Show this year, and from this stand we will be actively marketing Wet Leisure products such as Swimming Pool ‘s and Hot tub’s, Two Wet Leisure items that have become synonymous with Indoor and Outdoor Garden design.

Designing and building a Grand Design house comes with years of planning, and design, during the design stage thought must be given to your entire Building plot and how you plan too meander in years to come arround the garden space, and more importantly who with? Whilst Grandchildren or in fact Children may not be on the cards yet… We can assure you at some point they tend to appear and when time passes so fast in modern living, consideration for that R&R Space design feature within the Garden Now will certainly save the upheaval in years to come. It is at this Grand Design stage the Swimming Pool retreat is easiest to install, with contractors on site and the building plot a quagmire you will never look back installing the Swimming Pool at this stage.

What type of Swimming Pool do I require?
There is no doubt the piece de resistance within Swimming Pool the Construction hierarchy is in fact a Tiled Swimming Pool this however comes with price tag’s from £75,000 Deep End Pools have recently been involved in outdoor Swimming Pool design on a single project approaching one Million GBP. That said the average Tiled Swimming pool project with Automated Swimming Pool Cover is likely to cost IRO £100,000.
And when budgets are more considered and time is of the essence a Liner Membrane Swimming Pool is the perfect solution structures can be supplied and installed for an average family Swimming pool for considerably less projects are likely to costs from £35,000 inclusive of VAT.
Of course as with any high end product extras really can catch you out from Swimming pool lighting with an installed costs averaging at £1000 per light installed to Automated Safety Cover systems starting at £5,000. However let’s please remember a decision made during the Grand Pool Design stage is a regret saved for years to come, so push the boat out!

Indoor Swimming Pool

Tight for Space?

If you are limited for space and have considered an endless style pool or counter current unit, these can be great options for one or maybe two people however not the family. Designing an endless pool into a garden space can be difficult if you have a large garden area as they always tend to look a little lost in space.

Hot tub’s a Swimming Pool alternative?
Well yes Deep End Pools have seen in recent years Hottubs have taken a specific increase in demand here so much so all of our Showrooms have become fully equipped with Saratoga Hot tubs. But how much do they cost to buy and Run? Hot tubs are considerably less of a financial burden than a Swimming Pool and a typical installation can be completed in only half a day! Real American Hot tubs from Deep End Pools can start from £4,995 and go up to a Stomping £15,995 for the all out 9 seating Party Hot tub experience the average however is arround £7,995 providing rest, relaxation and hydrotherapy to users. Hottubs within the UK feature an annual awards ceremony via BISHTA the trade body who actively promote Safe Water Standards.

A Serious room with a view

A Serious room with a view

The Best Grand Swimming Pool Design
Well we’re going to be very bias the perfect design combination for the garden Wet Leisure concept has to be a Tiled or Liner construction complete with an elevated hot tub overlooking the Swimming Pool, a concept Deep End Pools have executed on many occasion. This all stems back to pushing the boat out.. it’s a Grand Design after all and remember you only live once.

Have a great show to all in attendance and we hope we can bump into you there.

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Cow falls in a swimming pool in Somerset

Firefighters in Somerset have pulled a cow out of a swimming pool in an unusual rescue.

The animal had fallen into the pool in Gurney Slade, Wells. Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service were called to the scene at 9.26pm on Saturday.

A spokesman said: “A fire appliance from Shepton Mallet was mobilised and the specialist rescue team from Bridgwater. Crews confirmed one cow was in the swimming pool and was not distressed.

“Crews waited for the local vet to attend to sedate the cow before crews released the cow from the pool unharmed.”

The cow was one of four animals rescued by the service on Saturday.

At 7.35am, firefighters hoisted a cow out of a slurry pit in Rodney Stoke, Cheddar. They later used lines to free a cow from a water-filled ditch in Glastonbury, while a sheep was also released from fencing in a ditch in Launcherley, Wells at 4.02pm.

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Why do we change our clocks?

Do you know why we change our clocks each year?


British Summer Time – also known as Daylight Saving Time – was first proposed in Britain by William Willet, a keen horse-rider, who happens to be the great-great-grandfather of Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. Willet would take long rides through the woods, making the most of the early morning sun while everyone else was still asleep.

He became increasingly incensed at what he saw as a waste of daylight, so in 1907 published a pamphlet calling for clocks to be changed so people could make the most of it.

The Government eventually adopted Willett’s idea in 1916 – a year after his death – and we’ve been changing the clocks ever since.

British Summer Time is good for physical and psychological health, particularly in terms of relieving the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

The lighter evenings are also said to reduce road traffic accidents and crime.

So there you have it, I hope you enjoy the extra hour in your evening.

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